VPN - Mapping a Drive

Yes. Bring Your Own Device services allow you to access the ITSG file storage from your own device (Windows or MacOS).

You will need to run the University of Oxford VPN client first and then map your drive. In order to access your Department share and home area please contact itsupport@manor-road.ox.ac.uk using the subject "VPN Drive Map" and we will send you the necessary details to complete the steps below.

Once you have installed the Cisco VPN software https://help.it.ox.ac.uk/network/vpn/index you can then to connect to your Depatrtment Share by Mapping a Drive in Mac or Windows as detailed below:

To map a drive in Windows explorer:

  • Right click my computer and select map network drive
  • Pick a drive letter
  • In the folder line type \\filestore.socsci.ox.ac.uk\<enter_user_specific_path_here>
  • 'Reconnect at logon' will make the drive map persistent - but note that it will not be able to conect until you run the VPN.
  • When prompted for username and password, tick 'Connect using other credentials'.
  • In the user-name field type socsci\<Username> - use your Socsci username and password

To map the drive on a Mac

  • 'command + K' should bring up the connect to server window
  • Type smb://filestore.ox.ac.uk/<folder/folder/etc>
  • When prompted for your credentials use socsci\<Username> - your Socsci username and password

To make the drive mapping persistent (it will be there next time you login to your device). Note that it will not be able to connect until you run the VPN first:

  • System preferences
  • Users and groups
  • Highlight your account and on the right choose 'logon items'
  • Click the + symbol
  • You should see the drive there under the shared section. Once it and the folder is highlighted then the add button should be active.

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