Access To Resources

Access to resources are dependent on your Manor Road username and password.

Access to Manor Road IT facilities is governed by your deparment and the access levels appropriate to your stauts and role in the University. Key resources are:

User Account & Password - Your department must request a login for you before you can access anything.

Printing - Your department determine where you print and how much you print.

Files - Access to file server folders is set by your status (Student, Staff, Administration) and by the data owner. Your home area is just for you and is not shared with anyone.

Software - There are multiple means of access which depend on a range of factors. If you are a member of staff you likely have a desktop computer and an office. Some DPhil students have an assigned desk and access to a Thin Client and virtual desktop. Software@ allows you to run key software on your own device as does Secure Desktop (Horizon View) for Mac users. Finally, Terminal Services enables access to either desktops or software (depending on how you connect).

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